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About Us

Our mission is to celebrate exceptional coffee and coffee roasters by providing our guests the unique opportunity to try coffee roasted around the country, and the world. To have service that stands up to these exceptional coffees and compliment them with our own unique and innovative creations. To take coffee serious while having fun, and never stop experimenting.

Join Our Team

There are no shortcuts to making the perfect espresso. That is why Coffee2go has set up a training room to train you in the art of coffee making. We aim to help make a coffee of the highest quality and understand what a good coffee is. There are no shortcuts in becoming a top barista.

We provide a certificate for our course:

All training provided is for Coffee2go commercial customers.

Successful Graduates will also have the opportunity to apply for their very own franchise with us
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We are always happy to hear from our customers, so please feel free to contact our Customer Service Department with any questions, complaints or queries you may have: